Testing… Testing ┬áthis site and trying to figure out if I should go with WordPress, Vistaprint, Intuit, Wix, Mediatemple, too many options, but I do like WordPress and Mediatemple works along with WordPress. I also like Vistaprint because they have email marketing, websites, as well as other marketing materials & products. I like the design, the format, the ease of this, but I want this to be really easy. There’s got to be a balance between being in the virtual world & the real world… And sometimes I have a lot I want to share and a lot to say ( :and sometimes I enjoy the silence).




It’s not quite a black Friday, but very grey. I’m surprised we haven’t yet felt the effects of the storm on its way. God willing, we won’t. I took an expected walk last season near South Beach. It’s sad to see the homes boarded up & the inspection notices hanging on the front doors. Staten Island was hit hard from Hurricane Sandy. I work at a women’s shelter in Staten Island. I give Reiki, yoga, Thai massage therapy, aromatherapy, & meditation with the women there. Most of them respond positively to it. The house mother, a beautiful woman with an amazing spirit, recounted her story of Sandy. It seems she saved lives by the way she led them to higher ground. The water from N.Y. Harbor was so high that boats were being tossed through the streets. The power was out, but occasional light was coming from live wires. And some temporary shelters were not staffed. So it was a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, some people haven’t yet recovered from Sandy. I sign petitions & here’s an important one.


Insurance companies need to step up & assist our communities. Staten Island is a beautiful borough. I pray the people here get the help they need.



FALL 2013

It’s Monday. Our government is shut down, our N.Y. Harbor is as gray as the sky, and our Lady Liberty is still standing, needless to say. I’ll be seeing her this afternoon, along with a hundred tourists visiting New York City. I have to say, I love my commute into Manhattan. I’m a city girl, but I was raised as a country girl on the other side of the Hudson, so I consider myself both. Now I’m an island girl. I live in St. George, Staten Island. I love it here. I love the huge tree with bright orange leaves next to my house, the raccoon and her baby that come to my back patio, the view of N.Y. Harbor when I walk down the street, and the songs of crickets when I walk home in the evening. I love taking the bus to South Beach Library and walking across the street to the beach and the ocean, angled across from Coney Island. And I love the ferry ride, sitting on the bottom deck and practicing meditation while I hear the sound of the waves and look out to the open sky. I’m very thankful. Mother Nature always comforts me. I’m grateful to feel close to her again.